This is not about user experience in any respect. Its about doing everything and anything to try to get someone to Mut 21 coins open their wallet. When I like a game, I tend to spend some money, but when they do tighten the purse strings. I wish they'd focus on enjoyment of Madden 20 NFL more (fixing clearly broken things like defensive players warping, spotting of the ball, match making in arena, etc) instead of figuring out each possible approach to extract cash. Speech like, although until the voucher really drops I'll wait to maintain judgement...these will be EXTREMELY only furthers the belief it will produce a huge divide between gamers.

I think there is a problem between the folks who develop EA Madden mobile and some of its own customers. We see it as a football game and they see it as a card collecting match therefore we worry about the way the game plays since we like to play soccer and they fret about new cards and the way the cards look and also the craft of Madden 20 NFL.I think sometimes I forget this is really a card collecting game with soccer mini games, a thing of which I've read sport changers even state, rather than a soccer playing sport. I believe I want to tattoo this on my own hand so I can see it every time once I need to play,"you're playing a card collecting game dumbass not a football game".

I also saw a post asking in what order the boosts/reducers are implemented. I would like an reply to this. Do the boosters go into effect for each and every 105 players get nerfed immediately do the reducer go into effect the increase is used. These details now matter a lot more than before.The thing is they have not run from stay updates. Hell Brady doesn't even have maxed out conducting stats Lamar doesn't have maxed, no hb is near maxed out in all running stats, the list goes on and on. This is only idiocracy at this time.EA?

Cared about franchise style?

You people are making sense. As long as folks are playing MUT, CFM will continue being an afterthought that gets a new coat of paint every few years and a few word salad changes such as Buy Madden nfl 21 coins renaming"slow" growth to"ordinary","Star" into"Superstar", and"Superstar" into"Superstar Gamechanger".