Webroot is cloud-based antivirus software which provides complete protection from viruses and malware on your computer. This antivirus app protects you by blocking malicious websites during Web surfing sessions. Webroot protects you from identity fraud by protecting sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, account numbers and more. This scans your computer in seconds for viruses and malware, and uses almost no room for storage. It contains a wide database of malware. Nonetheless, you can use various Webroot features after the Webroot login process is complete.

This interface is user-friendly and can handle many devices. So you can use this app for both Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. Instead of synchronizing files for different computers, you can use the backup and sync settings to back up files. This also contains a personal firewall and a password manager, so when surfing, this keeps the device secure.


Procedure For Account Creation

You need to build an account first before logging in to Webroot. This will also allow you to use all of the apps and services Webroot offers. Follow the steps below carefully to build your Webroot account successfully.


  • Second, open the "Internet Browser" you want.
  • Go to the official Webroot Sign-in website.
  • Following that, on the Webroot Software site. Locate the "My Account" option and press. This choice will appear at the top of the Webroot homepage.
  • The login window now appears. Then, in the login window, select the option "Create Account."
  • Firstly, enter the key code for the Webroot product. On purchasing of a Webroot product, the keycode is given to you.
  • Subsequently enter the email address you want to connect with your Webroot account.
  • Confirm then your email address, as stated in the field above.
  • Now, according to the requirements listed on the tab, you must enter your password. Here is the information you need to follow when choosing your password: at least 8 characters should be included in the password.
    • Must have the letters in the upper and lower case.
    • The numerical value will be one.
    • Using nice symbols
  • Now, by entering the same password as stated in the field above, "confirm your password"
  • Type your Personal Safety Password. This code should be at least 6 characters long. Use the easy-to- remember file. Every time you log in to your Webroot account you need to enter two characters of this code.
  • Pick a "Safety Issue" after this. If you forget your login information or password in the future, in case. Then, to get the details you'll need to have the answer to this issue.
  • Now, provide the answer to your question about protection.


It is recommended that you read the Privacy Policy after filing the correct information in the respective fields. Tap the "Privacy Notice" link located at the bottom of the screen for privacy policy.


  • You should also carefully read the license agreement when continuing with the development of a Webroot account.
  • Tap on the "License Agreement" found at the bottom of the screen for, license agreement.
  • Click the "Login Now" button below.
  • After that, Webroot will send a confirmation message to the mail address you mentioned at the time you built your account.
  • Then open your email application and click the email message confirmation button.
  • Now, the Authentication tab for Confirm opens. You are expected to enter the two randomly selected security characters you mentioned at the time you created the account.
  • Click the "Confirm Registration Now" button to end.