At present, among the green building standards in our country, the fabricated light gauge steel villas innovated and developed by PTH light steel villas have recyclable steel structures and little pollution to the surrounding environment. They will be paid attention to in the future when the shortage of resources is increasingly serious, and the steel structure industry deserves attention.

PTH light steel villa is a pioneering undertaking in traditional construction industry to discard its dross and take its essence. We do not deny that traditional villas also have many merits, but PTH light steel villas also have more advantages to subvert the tradition. PTH light steel villa is built with light steel structure. Its direct advantage lies in its green and environmental protection. With less land resources such as reinforced concrete, it not only reduces the utilization rate of non-renewable resources, but also afforests and protects the environment. It truly protects nature and achieves self-achievement. It is a commendable new housing system.

PTH’s Light Steel Villa (LGS) systems are manufactured from FrameCAD software and Heyes cold forming technology, which is the state-of-the-art fully automatic production line with tolerance to 0.5 mm.

LGS studs are made from high strength G550 steel with AZ150 coating, it possesses light weight, high strength and anti-corrosion treatment, with an over 50 years life expectancy.

PTH Light Steel Villa Professional Technology Creates Powerful Brand. We have been insisting on innovation and pursuing innovation and development, truly achieving green, pollution-free and more eco-safe, stronger and durable, and being able to provide more perfect construction schemes for the vast number of consumers. Science and technology are integrated with environmental protection, leading the new trend in the construction industry.

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