Chemical properties:

1. Enameled Wire must be dipped after being wound into coils. Solvents in the dipped paint have different degrees of swelling effect on the paint film, especially at high temperatures.

2. The impregnated winding may be thermally cracked due to thermal action during use, so the impregnating varnish and paint film must be compatible; When the winding is in use, it must have good chemical resistance in contact with the surrounding medium.

Mechanical properties:

1. Friction occurs between enameled wire, fixture and wire during winding of finished coil and wire entry, and it is subject to stress such as bending, stretching and compression. Therefore, good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion of paint film are required.

2. In order to facilitate processing, it is required to have good flexibility, elasticity and bending performance so as not to deform after bending. High-speed winding machines require smooth surface with small friction coefficient and high friction coefficient for special purposes. When the motor is running, it is required to have certain tensile strength around the stress generated by impact, vibration, centrifugal force, thermal expansion and overload.

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