20L Bucket Mould decentraction,bucket mould wall thickness uneven factores are the usual problems.The processing size and precision of the 20L bucket mould and the shrinkage ratio of the material determine the sealability of the 20L bucket mould.Select the steel material of the 20L bucket mould and do proper steel material treatment.

  If there is any other strength ribs on the edge of the bucket, then we need to use angle lifts to make the 20L bucket mould.During the processing of the mould, it is necessary to control and control the related processing dimensions.Blessing our excellent mold cooling design scheme can effectively save the 18L bucket mould molding cycle and reduce costs.

  A wire handle and stickers were added to the 18L Bucket Mould for completion.In the initial design of the 18L bucket mould, it is necessary to make a budget for the product shrinkage of the lid and the 18L bucket mould.About mold design, the main structure are similar, what make the difference is the detail, such as the cooling system design.