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  • 20l Barrel Mold Hot Filling
    How to hot fill the 20L Bucket Mould? For the upcoming filling, the product supported by the lid and the barrel should be checked first, otherwise the lid and the barrel do not match, which will easily cause liquid leakage. In the process of handling, please do not drag the bucket directly on the ground to avoid abrasion and scratches on the bottom. The correct method is to lift it with both...
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  • Material Of Barrel Mould
    Plastic barrels produced by Pail Moulds are now relatively common packaging containers in daily life, and plastic barrels are also used in more and more places. Due to the different places of use, the materials used in the production of plastic barrels are also different. Let's explain to you what the material used for plastic barrels is from our Qingyun Xiangtai plastic barrel manufacturer....
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  • Barrel Mold Material Introduction
    The main materials of the Pail Mould are introduced as follows: One. LDPE and its uses LDPE (Chinese name: Low Density Polyethylene): Polyethylene with a relative density of 0.910-0.925 is called Low Density Polyethylene. Low-density polyethylene is a waxy white resin, and its structural characteristics are non-linear. The molecular weight is generally 100,000 to 500,000. It has low...
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  • Investment And Recovery Of 20l Barrel Mould
    As a large-capacity packaging container, 20L Bucket Moulds are generally produced using 450-700 tons injection molding machines based on factors such as production capacity, selling price, cost, and profit. When a smaller tonnage injection molding machine is used to produce 20L barrels with in-mold paste technology, there will be a problem of insufficient mold opening stroke. Insufficient mold...
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  • The Barrel Mold Is Essentially A Chemical Barrel
    Pail Mould is one of the objects of chemical production. The material of the chemical barrel is high-density polyethylene, also called low-pressure polyethylene, that is, HDPE. This material is not easy to weld with a plastic welding gun. You can use an iron sheet to burn the plastic of the same material on 1653, or use high-pressure Polyethylene [LDPE] or EVA plastic is hot, and this...
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  • 20l Barrel Mould And 18l Barrel Mould
    What kinds of molds are there? The 20L Bucket Mould is one of them. Stamping die: Divided into punching die, bending die, stretching die, and compression die. Processing metal plates. Plastic mold: Divided into compression molding mold, injection molding mold, extrusion molding mold, blow molding mold, vacuum molding mold. Processing thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics. Die casting...
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  • Appearance Characteristics Of Plastic Bucket Mould
    Plastic Pail Moulds are our usual containers. The main appearance features are summarized as follows: The soft plastic bucket is beautiful, light in weight, strong, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, foldable, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient to transport. The product is suitable for the packaging of various salted and halogenated liquid foods, condiments, medicines and health...
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  • Concentricity Of Paint Bucket Mold
    Paint bucket molds are our products, among which, for example, 20L Pail Moulds are the specifications of our common paint bucket molds. In our daily life, many plastic household appliances are made by plastic injection molding, such as plastic buckets, plastic basins, paint buckets, etc. Although the mold structure of the paint bucket is not complicated, it is not an easy task to manufacture...
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  • Material Selection Of Paint Bucket Mould
    We are a mold manufacturer and Paint Pail Mould is one of our products. Regarding the inspection of barrel mold products, it is generally necessary to do a test of a drop test barrel at a height of 1.5 meters. I would like to introduce something about the drawing barrel drop test. For the paint bucket strength test, we must consider three points: The bucket and lid must be well assembled,...
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  • Plastic Bucket Mould Is Used In The Medical Field
    Plastic Pail Moulds usually have many applications. For example, in the medical field, commonly used materials for injection molding medical parts include:Polyethylene is light, soft, tough and biologically inert, but it cannot withstand higher sterilization temperatures. It is commonly used in medical supplies, such as dispensing bottles, IV tubes and medical implants. It has many variants...
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