The water labels are made of high-grade imported label materials and are matched with superior adhesives, which meet the environmental protection standards of the industry. Design according to different requirements of customers and print out high-grade, clear, exquisite and bright colour patterns. No matter the wine bottle, beverage bottle or other packing boxes/bottles are firmly adhered, even if the surface is rough or curved, they can be well adhered firmly without popping off. Even when used in freezing places, it is superior and firmly adhered.

Product features:

1. It can be used for a long time at -40 -120 degrees (depending on the material and environment, the use temperature is different);

2. Water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil stain resistance and solvent resistance;

3. The adhesive of the label can be well adhered to the surface and is extremely strong in adhesiveness, and can be well adhered even on curved and rough surfaces;

4. Good retention and image durability;

5. According to the label design characteristics, additional printing follow-up processing can be added, such as special processes such as bronzing, embossing, UV, etc.

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