Now, let’s cover the three most common curtain draping techniques you can find in homes: the u-shape look, the asymmetrical look and the layered look.

1. U-Shape Curtain Draping
The easiest way to drape curtains is to hang the window scarf over the ends of the curtain rod on each side and let it fall into a ‘U’ shape or ‘swag’ in the middle.

This simplistic look is best for single-pane windows but can work in almost any kind of room. All you need is one curtain panel or one piece of your favorite fabric.

Pro-tip: For a wider window, use a longer piece of fabric to create two drapes (two U-shapes) to add more depth (see “Asymmetrical Curtain Draping” below).

2. Asymmetrical Curtain Draping
The asymmetrical curtain draping technique is romantic and ideal for taller windows in master bedrooms, formal rooms or libraries.

To create an asymmetrical look, hang one end of the curtain lower than the other so that the lower end grazes the floor.

Learn more about curtain length rules here.

3. Layered Curtain Draping
Try layering different fabrics of different colors to add depth and dimension to your windows. You can even combine different patterns and colors for more contrast.

Layered curtain draping is beautiful, elaborate and complements formal, bold decor.

To layer window scarves, loop each fabric at different points on the curtain rod, as pictured below.

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