Fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panel is a refractory building material for surface decoration, widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls and other fields. Fire-resistant aluminum composite panel is made by dipping melamine and phenolic resin in high temperature and high pressure environment.

Fire-resistant aluminum composite panel are divided into six categories:

1. Mineral wool board, glass wool board

2. Cement slab

3. Perlite board, floating bead board, vermiculite board

4. Fireproof gypsum board

5. Calcium silicate fiberboard

6. Magnesium oxychloride fire protection board

Construction and installation nodes:

Process flow: step-by-step → fix frame keel → install transverse keel → fix keel and steel column → check keel installation → fill fire prevention material → install fire prevention plate → joint and corner protection treatment → quality inspection

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