We introduce the following common specifications of Aluminum Composite Panel:

Length: 2000, 2440, 3000, 3200, etc., in mm.

Width: 1220, 1250, 1500, etc., in mm.

Minimum thickness: 4, in mm.

Marking code: common type, code g; Flame retardant, code-named FR; Fluorocarbon resin coated decorative surface, code-named FC.

Marking method: Mark according to the product name, classification, decorative surface, specification and size, aluminum thickness and standard numbering sequence of curtain wall panels.

Marking example: flame retardant curtain wall panel with 2440mm×1220mm×4mm specifications, aluminum thickness of 0.50mm and fluorocarbon resin coating on the surface, marking example: aluminum-plastic composite panel FRFC 2440× 1220× 40.50 GB/T 17748-200×.

The length and width of the aluminum composite panel can also be agreed upon by the supply and demand sides. Specific parameters should be selected according to specific purposes.

Metal Composite Panel is also one of our product, welcome to buy and purchase!