Car Parts Mould are basically supplied by professional mould manufacturers, and the commercialization rate of moulds is over 70%. There are also many companies specializing in producing mould standard parts, with hundreds of kinds of mould standard parts for automobile parts. For example, the standardization rate of moulds in Germany and Japan can reach 85%. The standardization degree of large moulds in domestic mould companies is about 25%~30%. The standardization of dies has become one of the bottlenecks that restrict the production cycle of domestic dies, and also affects the competitiveness of domestic dies.

At present, moulds serving automobiles account for about 1/3 of the total mould output value in China. In countries with relatively developed automobile occupation, moulds serving automobiles usually account for more than 40% of the total mould output value. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, automobile models are constantly updated, and automobiles are developed at high speed, comfort and individuation, and the body structure will become increasingly messy, which requires the mould to be developed in the direction of large-scale, messy and high-precision. The requirements of automobile power for green environmental protection are getting higher and higher. The weight of automobile is reduced by 10%, and fuel can be saved by 6%~8%. Replacing steel with plastic is the only way to reduce automobile weight. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously develop the skills of making car parts and dies by saving energy and reducing consumption and replacing steel with plastic.

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