Trash Can Mould may encounter such and such problems in the injection moulding process. What is the most likely problem?

Possible causes of problems: (1) Insufficient injection speed. (2). Plastic shortage (3). Screw cushion is not left at the end of travel. (4). Change of running time. (5) The shooting cylinder temperature is too low. (6) Insufficient injection pressure. (7) The nozzle is partially sealed. (8) The heater outside the nozzle or shooting cylinder cannot operate. (9) Injection moulding time is too short. (10). Plastic is attached to the throat wall of the hopper. (11). The capacity of injection moulding machine is too small (i.e. injection weight or plasticizing capacity). (12). The mould temperature is too low. (13). The antirust oil of the mould was not cleaned. (14). The check ring is damaged, and the melt flows backwards.

Solutions: (1) Increase injection speed. (2). Check the amount of plastic in the hopper. (3) Check whether the injection stroke is set correctly, and change it if necessary. (4). Check whether the check valve is worn or cracked. (5). Check whether the operation is stable. (6) Increase the melting temperature. (7). Increase back pressure. (8) Increase the injection speed. (9). Check the nozzle hole for foreign bodies or unplasticized plastics. (10). Check the outer layers of all heaters and check whether the energy output is correct with ammeter. (11). Increase the screw forward time. (12). Increase the cooling capacity in the throat area of the hopper, or reduce the temperature in the back area of the shooting cylinder. (13) use a larger injection moulding machine. (14). Raise the mould temperature appropriately. (15). Clean the rust inhibitor in the mould. (16). Check or replace the check ring.

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