When the Trash Can Mould is injected, it is easy to produce mould scale, which is very difficult to clean. There is a complete process for the maintenance of engineering plastic injection moulding. Let's explain it in detail below.

The mould scale on the surface of the trash can mould is easy to remove at the initial stage, so the mould cavity and exhaust passage must be cleaned and maintained regularly. It is very difficult and time-consuming to remove the thick layer of mould scale after the mould is not maintained for a long time.

Spraying agents used in the maintenance of trash can mould mainly include: mould release agent, rust inhibitor, thimble oil, glue stain remover, mould cleaning agent, etc. The chemical composition of mould scale is very complex, so new methods must be used and tried to remove it, such as general solvents and various special solvents, oven spray, caffeine-containing lemonade, etc. Another peculiar way is to use rubber for cleaning model track.

When hot runner moulding and heat sensitive raw materials are used, the residence time of melt will become longer, thus increasing the risk of mould scale formed by decomposition of raw materials. Clean the screw of injection moulding machine. Large runners and gates are used when moulding shear sensitive raw materials. Multi-point gates can reduce the flow distance, lower the injection speed and reduce the risk of mould scale formation.

Efficient exhaust of trash can mould can reduce the possibility of mould scale formation, and proper mould exhaust should be set in the mould design stage. The best choice is to clean the exhaust system automatically, or to remove mould scale easily. The improvement of the exhaust system often leads to the reduction of mould scale on the mould.

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