If you’re trying to get health benefits from CHUNMEE 9371, you’ll probably do best drinking it regularly, preferably several times a day. If you don’t like the taste of tea or want to avoid the caffeine, green tea supplements are available in pharmacies and health-food stores. Some green tea supplements provide nearly the same amount of antioxidant polyphenols as four cups of green tea. However, few studies have used these products so we don’t know if they have the same effect as drinking green tea. Be aware that the government doesn’t regulate herbal supplements, so quality and potency can vary from product to product.

Also, beware of commercially prepared green tea products sold in bottles or cans. Some are loaded with sugar, while others have so little green tea that you’d be much better off preparing your own. A recent study presented at a 2010 meeting of the American Chemical Society found some commercial tea drinks contained so little in the way of polyphenols that you would have to drink 20 bottles to get an amount equivalent to one home-brewed cup.

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