Basic Copper Carbonate is an intermediate for the preparation of boron hydride compounds, semiconductor boron diffusion sources, fire retardants, adhesives, and dehydration and desiccants for anhydrous systems. However, after all, it is a chemical substance and still has a certain degree of danger. Therefore, we need Understand some of its safety common sense when using it:
   1. Hazard signs: XI (irritation);
  2, danger warning: Basic Copper Carbonate can irritate eyes, respiratory system and skin;
  3. Safety warning: If contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical assistance;
  4. Information on restricted use: Only people with technical qualifications can use Basic Copper Carbonate and wear suitable gloves;
  5. National regulations: All ingredients of Basic Copper Carbonate are listed on the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and all ingredients of this product are listed on the Canadian Domestic Substances (DSL) list.
  Through the above introduction, we understand that Basic Copper Chloride has a certain degree of harm to human skin. Therefore, for the safety of the operator, you must remember the above safety common sense when using it to avoid unnecessary injury accidents!