Plastic pail mould is one of our most important plastic injection mould, our bucket mould includes water bucket mould, paint bucket mould, fishing bucket mould, packing bucket mould.We are a leading supplier for Plastic pail mould, bucket plastic mold, cheap plastic bucket mold, bucket mold,handle bucket mold.

  Every Plastic Pail Mould and plastic pail mould machining process will be weekly informed. Mould trial video and report will be sent.All these equipments ensure the excellent quality of the mold.The plastic pail mould is the fundamental tool for making your quality plastic pails.

  We keep update all details of the bucket and pail mould to customers.18L Pail Mould, grinding machine, drilling machine.Quality is the life of our company; we focus on quality and time control.18L Pail Mould, 16L bucket cover mould and 16L bucket handle mould.

  We are specialized in making plastic pail mould, 18L Pail Mould. With rich experience and good price in making pail moulds.Water-proof, full-closed, semi-closed, tamper evident, stackable, easy to handle, strong and durable.Thus you shall confirm the quality of the 18L pail mould.