Like the courtroom where you 1v1ed something or Kemba Walker. Allow it to be usuable in 2K21 MT blacktop or even mycareer. Make them like courts in pro am 3v3 or blacktop or something don't just waste them. How isn't there some crossplay yet? But not 2K? 2K would be much better if you can play it together with ALL your friends even the ones on a console that is different. And why was there even only a little bit hype for the wnba rosters.

You can't do anything with them. You can not even edit them. I really don't know why they can't be edited by you it would be much better if you could edit them. There are like 3 animations that are ankle and becoming caked on cartoons I wish to see somebody getting dunked their personality dies and ragdolls on the floor. Last year occasionally if you have postered you'd lay on the floor for 5-6 seconds. Create more events. There are more events than last year and the park affects a lot due to these events but if there isn't any event there's absolutely no reason to play. The following 2K that is about to come out (2K21) has the maximum potential. Because it's about the newer consoles. So I'm hoping for far way and better graphics and a reduction in loading times more to perform in NBA 2K21.

Yeah I am asking for way to much but adding one (please include more than fucking one of these following year tho) of them would make NBA 2K21 better. I would be glad if they left fun. They do not even have to listen to my own thoughts it just has to be fun I'm giving them ideas. Myleague is one of the worst gamemodes on 2K and it should be the one that is best. If you take a break myteam is unplayable. Animations are becoming changed way too fast and far too much this season. Sorry for my English being worse than a American I'm Dutch.Wish For 2K21 MyTeam - Online Competitive Play

Instead of matchmaking by overall which leads to a variety of"entire cheese", create leagues or tiers based on the jewel color of the highest overall card on your lineup and rewards to reflect that league or tier. You can play in grade or the league above your gem coloured card, but can't play under. They wouldn't be able to play with a lineup consisting of Ruby and Sapphire players.

The present system rewards players for artificially lowering their position to play against groups with lesser tiered cards. I believe a system that permits players to play better overall lineups but not enable efforts to play against worse lineups is a better consumer experience for everyone. I like this idea but I believe there would have to be a mode without this kind of matchmaking.

There is a bunch of players who may be new to the manner or only have crap teams, but managed to receive a lucky pull. Imagine being a player with one opal (which you got fortune and hauled in one pack) and 9 ruby cards, but having to go up against a god squad full of buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins opals and PDs. It'd be too unfair. It would be ideal, if this was separate from a style that maybe does a variant of the team overall matchmaking we have.