To judge whether a kind of fabric is good or not, we can't judge whether its performance and function are good or not. Cotton nylon fabric is not bad in performance and function. Compared with polyester, nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics, cotton nylon fabric is mainly made of natural cotton, so the functions of ventilation, perspiration and comfort are remarkable. From this point of view, cotton nylon fabric series products still maintain high applicability and quality sense, and the short board lies in the lack of enough changes in texture, texture and style, which is precisely the reason Therefore, in Zhongran Textile's view, cotton nylon fabric is not a decrease in market demand, not a lack of development prospects, but a lack of innovative features, especially the homogenization of appearance texture and visual style, which must be changed. Cotton nylon fabric factories should seek new market breakthroughs and create new business opportunities in terms of manufacturing features.

Cotton nylon fabric do not have many bright spots from the composition of raw materials used. Raw cotton and nylon stretch yarn belong to traditional textile raw materials. If regenerated fibers such as Tencel and Modal are used to enhance the value, it is not the category of cotton nylon fabric. Therefore, since the raw material composition has been determined, innovative elements can only be added from texture texture and thickness texture. It is necessary to put an end to the sameness, and the yarn structure can also be varied. For example, slubby yarn is a good choice for innovation of cotton nylon fabric. There can be many changes in fabric design. No one has stipulated that cotton nylon fabric is a simple interweaving method of warp cotton and weft nylon elastic yarn. Both warp yarn combination and weft yarn combination can be changed. Rich changes will help to eliminate homogenization and prevent overcapacity. Therefore, cotton nylon fabric, like any industry, needs to find new business opportunities in innovation. If cotton nylon fabric factories want to have the desire for innovation, it will be difficult to break through blindly.

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