The triangular belts have two kinds of special core structure and rope core structure, which are respectively composed of four parts: cloth covering, top rubber, tensile body and bottom rubber. The V-belt with the rope core structure is convenient to manufacture, has general tensile strength and low price. The V-belt with the special core structure has good toughness and high strength, and is suitable for occasions with high speed.

Model selection

There are seven types of O-type, A-type, B-type, C-type, D-type, E-type, F-type, and the cross-sectional area of the tape from O-type to F-type gradually increases. SPZ SPA SPB SPC These four models are V-belt narrow V type.

The choice of tape model is determined by the speed of the delivered power tape. There are a lot of knowledge in it.

The selected model should be compatible with the selected triangle tape, otherwise the triangle tape will be abnormal in the pulley groove. When changing to the triangle tape, it is best to bring the old belt to the agricultural machinery department to buy it to prevent the model from being mistaken.

The hexagonal belts are similar to the triangle belt, but it also has its own application scenarios.