Zhou Tian believed that he should be more attractive to the magic people in the dungeon than his soldiers. Although Li Jiahao's war underground city takes seriously, but according to the present underground city's influence, they take seriously again, but also will not put all the energy on it. So, maybe those magic people in the dungeon are now fighting because of Li Jiahao, but if they really fight with Zhou Tian, then no matter how important Li Jiahao's war is, according to the character of those magic people, it is estimated that they will forget it. Therefore, Li Jiahao wants to use those magic people in the dungeon to hold Zhou Tian, but Zhou Tian believes that with his method, Li Jiahao's plan will come to nothing. With their own attraction to focus the attention of those magic people on him, and then Zhou Tian let his soldiers go to Li Jiahao's forces to make trouble. It is believed that no matter how powerful Li Jiahao is, the forces in his hands are always limited, and now to deal with the army in the hands of Wu Zhao, Li Jiahao's rear should be impossible to leave too many people, Zhou Tian's arrangement, it should naturally be promising. So, although Zhou Tian's soldiers are only a group of 100 people, if they really want to destroy Li Jiahao's territory,mineral flotation, the impact on Li Jiahao's rear may not be much worse than Zhou Tian's direct occupation of his rear city. Therefore, unless all the soldiers in the capital were killed, Li Jiahao would not want to settle down to fight a decisive battle with Wu Zhao. Although failed to completely remove Li Jiahao's threat to Wu Zhao, it may be possible to do so, Zhou Tian believes that with Wu Zhao's own ability to clean up Li Jiahao, it should be that there will be no more big problems. (Baidu search, watch the latest update of this book) Therefore,manganese beneficiation plant, after making the corresponding arrangements, Zhou Tian will no longer pay attention to the war between Li Jiahao and Wu Zhao. Zhou Tian's heart is very clear, although the dungeon is now so strong, the main reason is that the last time the God let the chaotic clock issued a plan to attack indiscriminately, if not for the church died so many main forces at one time, the dungeon would not have come out at all. And even now the scenery of the underground city, Zhou Tian is still not very optimistic about them. Ruling the mainland for such a long time, whether it is fame or resources, the Protoss get everything far better than the Demons. Even if the Demons had not invented the method of inheritance of magic beads, so that the middle and lower combat power of the Demons had not been left behind by the Protoss, then at this time the Demons would have been destroyed by the Protoss many times. And even if it seems that the Demons have been able to fight with the Protoss, Zhou Tian still believes that the strength of the Protoss is absolutely far stronger than they show. It's just that I haven't started yet, so the dungeon can be so beautiful. When the Protoss take action and formally support the church, I believe that the dungeons at that time will be beaten back to their original shape in an absolute instant. It is precisely because they know what the final result will be, gold CIP machine ,gold shaking table, so Zhou Tian has no intention of sending troops. Now, the dungeon people stared at him, Zhou Tian also did not have the slightest fear, but some will soon be suppressed back to the magic man, fight, even if Zhou Tian will offend the dungeon how ruthless, he absolutely does not believe that the dungeon can take him how? Even at the beginning, Zhou Tian did not want to confront the magic people in the dungeon. But in order to attract their attention, Zhou Tian did not immediately hide for the first time, or even not only did not hide, Zhou Tian in order to let those magic people find him faster, but has been staying in place, waiting for those magic people to find him. At first, the magic people in the dungeon didn't believe the information until they arrived at the field and saw Zhou Tian waiting for them in that place, which confirmed the correctness of the information at that time. However, after confirming the position of Zhou Tian, the magic men not only did not feel any joy, but instead had a feeling of madness at that time. What's going on right now? Didn't Zhou Tian know they were looking for him? Obviously, Zhou Tian is absolutely aware of this matter, otherwise, how can Zhou Tian stay here all the time, and also sent out all his troops. Now Zhou Tian's style only shows one thing, that is, Zhou Tian did not take them seriously. At least it can prove that, in Zhou Tian's opinion, he will not be in any danger in the face of these magic men. Otherwise, Zhou Tian will not stay where he is now, but will not know where to hide. Even if Zhou Tian did destroy a lot of things in their dungeons before, but those magic people are absolutely unwilling to admit how important Zhou Tian is. Now they go all out to deal with Zhou Tian, Zhou Tian this time do not think of retreat but so despise them, those magic people see this situation, how can not be angry. The Demons themselves are a negative product, and emotions like anger can easily appear on them. Now by Zhou Tian this contempt, those magic people are very easy to also be furious. The soul is light! With an angry roar, some of the more impatient magic men, when they saw Zhou Tian's performance, even directly at that time, rushed towards him. Come back here! Although all the magic people were angry because of Zhou Tian's performance, there were still some magic people who kept calm at that time, except for most of them who were already angry and irrational. For Zhou Tian, they also have some research, although they do not admit that they are not as good as Zhou Tian, but their hearts are very clear. Zhou Tian's strength is not as ordinary as his appearance, at least if he fights alone, none of them is absolutely sure to win. Moreover,Carbon in Pulp, Zhou Tian's performance at this time is irritating, but on the other hand, it seems too abnormal. ore-magnetic-mining.com