There are so many types and models of hot stamping foil, how do we choose the right hot stamping foil? Here, I discuss the choice of hot stamping foil based on my own experience.

(1) The type of material to be hot stamped. In addition to various plastics (including ABS, PP, PE, PVC, PC, PS, PU, ​​TPR, TPU, steel, nylon, etc.), the materials to be hot stamped are also paper (including coated paper, ordinary cardboard, Coated paper, etc.), wood (including logs and painted wood), leather, textiles, etc. The surface characteristics of different materials to be hot stamped are different. If anodized aluminum foil is used for hot stamping, an anodized aluminum foil with a back adhesive layer similar to its surface characteristics should be selected. Otherwise, the colored layer of the anodized aluminum foil will be difficult to transfer completely after hot stamping It is firmly bonded to the surface of the material to be hot stamped.

(2) The size of the hot stamping area. When hot stamping with anodized aluminum foil, due to the different tightness of the release layer of the anodized aluminum foil, the size of the hot stamping area is also very important for the correct selection of the anodized aluminum foil. Generally, anodized aluminum foil can be divided into fine print hot stamping, small and medium area color block hot stamping, large area color block hot stamping, full area hot stamping, etc. The tightness of the release layer is different. The finer the hot stamping image and text, the higher the accuracy, and the tighter the release layer of the selected electrochemical aluminum foil, otherwise it is prone to failures such as missing pens and broken pictures and flying gold.

(3) Different hot stamping methods and hot stamping plates. The hot stamping methods are divided into flat pressing, round pressing and round pressing. The hot stamping plates used are metal plate and rubber plate. Different hot stamping methods and different hot stamping plates have different requirements for hot stamping foil.

(4) The difference between hot stamping machine and hot stamping speed. There are several types of hot stamping machines, such as automatic high-speed hot stamping machines, semi-automatic hot stamping machines, manual hot stamping machines, etc. The hot stamping speeds of different types of hot stamping machines have certain differences, so different hot stamping foils should be used, such as when hot stamping When the printing speed is fast, hot stamping foil that is easy to peel should be used.

(5) Process requirements after hot stamping. Whether it needs to be printed after hot stamping (including machine printing, oil spraying, etc.), that is, the hot stamping foil used in the two processes of first hot stamping and then stamping and first stamping and hot stamping should also be different.

(6) The brightness and color requirements of hot stamping products determine the selection of hot stamping foil colors.

(7) The price of hot stamping products and the price of hot stamping foil are also a factor we need to consider.

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