In the production of metal products, the marble cutting machine may need to be assembled with various lengths of pipe fittings. How to make the production more efficient? It is very important to plan the blank specifications properly. How does the automatic pipe cutting machine realize multi-value cutting? The current multi-value cutting can realize multi-value cutting. Usually, CNC automatic pipe cutting machine is used.

  The servo system of the CNC pipe cutting machine can store 6 kinds of cutting values ​​at a time, can realize one-time feed, and the blanking length can be 6 kinds. Length specification. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this automatic pipe cutting machine is a kind of machine with high utilization rate. Automatic pipe cutting machine? For large pipe processing companies, this pipe cutting machine can no longer meet production needs.

  Many large pipe fitting companies have adopted more advanced and efficient automatic laser cutting machines, instead of batch cutting. CNC automatic pipe cutting machine, with multi-value cutting function, can use i laser automatic pipe cutting machine to cut pipes to realize high-speed cutting of batch pipe fittings. Cutting without burrs, no slag, cutting, grooving, grooving process is completed at one time, cutting efficiency is higher! Friends who need to know can contact us at any time!

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