Regular maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of acrylic swimming pools can appropriately increase its service life, but many people do not know much about the maintenance and cleaning of acrylic swimming pools. Let’s talk about the maintenance and cleaning of acrylic swimming pools. Some things to note.

Precautions for daily use and maintenance:

1. For the acrylic swimming pool, it must be cleaned every day, but pay attention to the cleaning method when cleaning. The cleaning method will be introduced below when we talk about the cleaning method;

2. After the acrylic swimming pool is built, it cannot be put into use immediately, it needs to be used after a day, and the power supply and other items cannot appear in the swimming pool to avoid safety accidents;

3. It is not possible to put 100°C wastewater directly into the acrylic swimming pool, which will cause the product to be seriously softened. Generally speaking, it is cooled to a certain temperature and heated in the swimming pool.

Cleaning precautions:

1. Acrylic swimming pools need to be cleaned every day, but because acrylic is made of special materials, you should pay attention to its cleaning methods. Do not use detergent to wipe because it is easy to corrode the surface of the swimming pool; you need to use a mild detergent.

2. The cleaning tools should be relatively soft, and coarse cloth should not be used to avoid scratching the swimming pool;

3. For some stains that are difficult to clean, you can use a discarded toothbrush to clean up, and use a mixture of lemon and salt for cleaning.

The above are some things to pay attention to during daily use and cleaning of acrylic swimming pools. You can refer to the above methods for cleaning and maintenance. I hope it will help you. Click below to learn more about acrylic: Aquarium tunnel.