Galvanized Steel Composite Panel, as the name implies, is a composite panel with a layer of zinc plated on the surface of the composite panel. Galvanized Steel Composite Panel has better paintability, formability, and decoration characteristics. Today we take a look at the quality inspection standards of Galvanized Steel Composite Panel.

Due to differences in the treatment methods of the galvanized sheet in the coating process, the general situation is also different, such as general spangles, fine spangles, flat spangles, zinc-free spangles, and phosphating treatments. Galvanized sheets and galvanized coils cut to length must not have any disadvantages that affect the use, but the coils are allowed to have less deformed parts such as welding parts.

There are two goals for weighing the black and white of the board shape, namely, straightness and sickle bend. The flatness of the board and the maximum allowable scale of the sickle bend must be delineated.

Galvanized Steel Composite Panel has its quality inspection standards, so Signage Aluminum Composite Panel naturally also has quality inspection standards.