Thanks to television and other media, it is quite likely that you associate the British with the custom of drinking tea. There are not a few films and series that have been in charge of making this powerful relationship known.

In fact, they have a habit that when the hour is given, they suspend all activity in order to have tea. Something that does not occur in other parts of the world, where taking this drink is something that does not attract attention.

If we are to review their sales statistics, we will find that they consume more than 60 million cups each year, according to the United Kingdom Tea & Infusions Association. Even as you can see, they have an association dedicated to their study.

Why do the English like tea so much?

This dates from the times of the monarchy, being difficult to trace the exact date. Tradition indicates that this introduction is due to Princess Catherine of Braganza, who was originally from Portugal.

She married King Charles II of England. It is said that the method to conquer it was precisely through tea leaves. She was an expert in the preparation of this delicious drink, which delighted the monarch.

In tea, it was already consumed in England at that time, but simply as a medicine. The new queen was the one who began to consume it for pleasure, a custom that she brought from her country and began to imitate locally.

She was the most popular of the moment, which caused all the royalty to begin to imitate her. And later, this custom permeated the town, remaining established to this day.

They drink tea at all hours.

Another thought that people have is that they just take it at a certain time in the afternoon. The truth is that tea is so immersed in their lives that they drink it basically all the time.

The reality is that they can have a little to be able to have breakfast, for lunch, and even for dinner. Of course, for casual chatting with friends, you could just as well drink it with tea.

The tradition of tea at 5.

This is surely the most recognized tradition around the world about the British. And contrary to other types of thoughts, in reality, it is not that they exclusively sit down to drink tea, although it may be the case.

It is common to end up accompanying him with some type of sandwich, for when they leave work. All ages love drinking tea. This also allows for some fellowship time with other people. And not necessarily to talk.

This tea-drinking time can be pretty quick. Where the two people meet to have a delicious cup quickly and then continue with their activities. That company is just thankful.


What is the tea break?

As we have already established, tea is very important in the life of the English. Therefore, any time is a good time to have a drink. When you find yourself working it is no exception.

During long working hours, they can take short breaks of about fifteen minutes. And of course, they will take advantage of it to have a cup of tea, which allows them to enjoy their favorite drink.

How is the tea of ​​the British?

Another interesting question is to know that such is the tea of ​​the British. In many countries of the world, for example, it can end up being accompanied with a little sugar, to give it that particular flavor.

They do not add sugar, they prefer to taste the tea in the most condensed way possible. Remember, they take this drink very seriously and seek how to enjoy it to the fullest.

Never despise tea to a Briton, if he offers it to you and you do not accept, it will be taken almost as an offense. As if you are looking to have the friendship of one, having a cup with him can be the easiest way to break the ice.