An Animal Crossing player shared a sad and funny screenshot on Reddit, a screenshot of a failed restaurant proposal.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched in March 2020, and it quickly became a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. What's better than the Zoom call is that Animal Crossing, as a multiplayer online game of Nintendo, has more personality and does not require a lot of gaming experience. People can meet, chat and exchange items on the island, and it has helped many players to establish contact since its launch. Many in-game proposals and even Animal Crossing weddings have been shared by players on the platform, and they have received a lot of popularity online. At the same time, performing in the game can better comply with social distancing guidelines.

Many players have shared their successful examples, but this user shared screenshots of his failed attempts. His sharing caused a sensation. In the picture, his AC character is Buy Nook Miles Tickets sitting at the dining table with a proposal ring on the table, as well as his embarrassed expression and the title of "She said no...". It seems to make people feel sympathetic and funny. However, this screenshot was only taken for fun in Animal Crossing, not that he was really rejected in real life.

Through Animal Crossing, players can use their creativity to create their own scenes, whether they are happy or sad, in a variety of ways. Because Animal Crossing has many design tools and decorative items, it provides players with a lot of creative freedom, and players can reproduce movie stills or complete short films in the game. The game even has its own wedding event, where players can go to Harv's Island to take photos of the lucky bride and groom. However, the game's wedding season has passed, and they will be held from June 1st to June 30th.

Animal Crossing has many seasonal events that players can participate in, and the wedding season is one of them. For games, this is a real-time experience, because the seasons change with real life. Halloween will be the next important event of Animal Crossing, when Jack will return with a series of Halloween items. At present, Nintendo has not announced the relevant details of the event, but hopes that there will be new recipes and seasonal product information announced later.

If you haven’t seen this picture, you must go to Google. It’s really interesting. You can also try to create interesting scenes in Animal Crossing, and then share the screenshot on the platform. You may get it. A lot of likes from Animal Crossing players.

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