On September 14, 2021, the Developer Studio Floating Origin Interactive conducted by Felipe Harvester Falagehe (Kerbal Space Program) has released its model aircraft simulation Balsa Model Flight Simulator in the Early Access for PC. On Steam, where up to date 92 percent of the user reviews positive, a launch discount of ten percent will be granted to the regular retail price until 21 September (14.39 euros instead of 15.99 euros). The completion should take one to two years.

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Game description of the manufacturer: Named after the Balsaholz, which is known as the material of model aircraft, the Balsa Model Flight Simulator is a demanding and detailed model flight simulator with a powerful selection of machining tools, with which players can design, build, fly and struggle for players , Balsa Model Flight Simulator is a virtual flight experience like no other. Pilots are able to construct a wide range of model airplanes down to the smallest detail, or develop innovative new aircraft to test their technical skills. The game offers a model airplane -Editor with a depth, which allows you to control the wannabe model airplane pilots, to control each aspect of kit airplanes in the game. With profound adjustment options, pilots can fly stylish while refining their skills in free flight and challenge mode.

The Balsa Model Flight Simulator also has a detailed career mode in which pilots can go through different phases of their career. The various modes are checkpoint flight, fight (seriously, players can attach paintball guns to the model airplane and participate in the model air combat), base defense and attack flights. Or you enjoy a completely free sandbox mode via online or solo game. Just be careful that your model aircraft do not hang in a tree. The Balsa Model Flight Simulator also has a complete scenario editor, with which pilots can create and host their own game sessions and can choose which activities perform the players in online PVP or PVE mode for up to 16 participants.

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