Winter is coming to Amazon’s popular MMO New World, Winter Convergence Festival is a limited time event, from December 16, 2021 to January 11, 2022. In the gifts and joy, a mysterious figure aroused the imagination of Aeternum’s character, Winter Wanderer. Players who want to win prizes in this competition successfully, they might as well Buy New World Coins.

With the snow falling on the land of Aeternum, the seasonal celebrations in the MMO began. However, New World’s festival activities are more than just an additional layer of snow. In the Winter Fusion Festival, there are new tasks, activities, items, weapons, New World Gold and even new legends for fans to enjoy.

New World’s version of the festive season is mainly inspired by a mysterious mythological character Winter Wanderer. His arrival is cheered by the northern lights in the sky, but is he the benevolent Santa Claus or the sinister Krampus? No one seemed to agree with Aeternum, so naturally, these festive quarrels escalated into an all-out war between the New World factions. This means a lot of fun for us New World players, so they will buy more New World Gold to expand their strength.

In each village, they will also find a winter market, where players can exchange gifts for Winter Tokens, and then bring these gifts back to Winter Wanderer in exchange for exclusive items. These items range from holiday food to homestead holiday decorations, all the way to epic weapons and armor, players can spend New World Gold to get. There, players must not only seek to achieve the highest ranking but also pay attention to the lost gifts scattered throughout Aeternum during the event.

These are not just bonfire stories. They are actually very real, and these dark minions try to envelop Aeternum in an eternal winter. Players are very satisfied with this New World Winter Convergence Festiva.