Treasure Trails (Risky). Have you OSRS gold ever received a Clue Scroll as a result of dropping from monster or activity? If yes, you're likely to know the steps to start Treasure Trails. In the realm of Gielinor have a slim chance to drop said Clue Scrolls which could lead to an area that could contain a treasure. To complicate things a little these little pieces of paper are complicated puzzles that may take the form of a map, drawing rhyme, or any other. The name suggests that it's a clue of where your prize can be. After solving it, you might find another one with a few more solves. In about five solves, you'll receive a treasure.

Burthorpe Games Room (Safe). Simply, just a board game room in which you can enjoy a variety of Jagex variations of the well known titles like Connect Four or Draughts. Rat Pits (Safe). Players can train their pets to turn into Wily Cats who specialize in combating Mice in special arenas.

The Rogue Trader (Safe). If you negotiate in the presence of Ali Morrisane who is greedy and cunning Pollnivnian merchant seeking opportunities to expand his business, you could earn a few dollars in the form of runes, clothes and blackjacks. Tears are the result of Guthix (Safe). Recollecting tears of the old God called Guthix can improve your lowest proficiency level. This activity can be only performed once a week.

Duel Arena (Safe). It is as the name suggests. Duel Arena lets players fight against each other. The arena also comes with special rules that can be set up to add spice to the game (like staking gold coins). It is available to players who are members as well as for free gamers.

Clan Wars (Safe). Lets two runescape 2007 gold players from opposing Friends Chats to compete against one another. There aren't any rewards for this sport... Perhaps, besides glory.