Additionally, where is the ideal spot to kill any kind of drags? I enjoy killing green and blue, however I'm always getting pk'd on runescape cheap gold green drags. Is there a good spot to kill them? Additionally, I might be able to kill them in that area in the dungeon, for the hero's quest (Not the guild I kill them in but the area that you can catch the eel's.) And also where is the best place for killing reds? I think the hides are exactly like bones and can disappear really fast.

It's hard for anyone to give good advice without your stats. Based on what I've heard Greens wear low-end equipment, kill them in the wilderness at level 13 in the north-west region of Edgeville if you must (just attempt to find an empty world) Bring an e-teletab.

Uhh I know what a sling looks like, it is available from cows as well. 2nd kill with cows i received a sling, 1st kill is an air staff. Also, questing is a issue for me. I'm not good at questing. I'm not aware of what quests to complete and if they're lengthy, I can get bored really easily. Thus, questing for complete rune armor and melee training are my biggest issues.

You can't simply convert money into money. You must do herby run or train for profitable skills such as hunter and fletch yewlongs, or something similar. Someone suggested 99 fishing, this is probably the way to go however, make sure you fish for rocktails between 90-99. Sure, you can, but it is very slow and lengthy depending on where you start and how dedicated you are you could turn 1gp into 1B quickly.

The way I'd do it though now you have 15M is to buy something which fluctuates in the price, but it is snared in the middle due to the value of its alch; at this point you don't want to be taking huge risks with your pool of money but slowly building it up and 15M which is a good amount will gain you about 400k in profit per cycle of green chaps for example.

Since they aren't able to drop below 2200 for very long since they have an average alch of 2380,, you can buy at 2200-2250 and sell them for 2300-2350. It is not the fastest method , however it's reliable, when you're a member you can go to higher priced items, like black chaps for 5400 and selling at 6000+ , but if don't time it right, you can end up holding stock for a while.

Avoid red dragonhide, it's not popular and beware of seeds as they're a plague. I've lost an absolute fortune on them. The trick is to visit the 180 day graph and observe what bounces often between two points. make purchases and sales before they get to them. It takes some practice , but buying rs gold eventually it is possible to make incredible profits of around 1-2 million some woodcutting or slaying at the same time so you're not wasting your time.