This exciting Winter themed event has been a regular feature in Madden Ultimate Team for years as it has replaced the Mut 22 coins Ultimate Freeze promo in MUT 18, and has been a staple each year since then.Though it's still not confirmed yet, we have an idea of the time frame for Zero Chill to arrive in MUT 22.

They've always relied on the Friday morning drop for every major promotion within Madden 22 Ultimate Team, and they could kick things off as early as this week or the following.

In any case, we'll see the announcement on a Wednesday edition of Good Morning Madden, get an unveiling of the program by the majority of the players, and then see the program on next Thursday's edition of Good Morning Madden, and that will culminate with the program's drop in the morning of Friday. The first drop as early as the 3rd of December in 2021 but they've traditionally waited for a little longer in the month before kicking things off and the most likely date looks to be around December 10 2021.

The one thing you can count on from Zero Chill or any other possible December MUT Promo that's already announced, is that you'll get new cards for the Madden 22 Ultimate Team. The games usually come with additional challenges and missions and all of them revolve on a new set of cards that players can push to be added to their Ultimate Team.

The precise selection of the players that will be included isn't easy as it can vary widely and Zero Chill has had a variety of both present and past players within the group before. We'll likely see a few legends as well as a few present athletes from the day at top to balance things out and then the rest of the team will differ based on the team's lineup as of the time it is released.

We might also see returning Snow as currency, along with companion promos like Ghosts of Madden and Snow Beasts or the introduction of the present mechanics Zero Chill had in MUT last year.

As the clock is ticking down for Season 1 it's time to release Madden 22 Ultimate Season 2! The release date buy Madden nfl 22 coins was announced on Good Morning Madden, and we know Season 2 is just days away from being available with Madden 22 Ultimate Team.