IVF is one of the most commonly recommended infertility treatments for people who are not capable of conceiving naturally. The process includes taking the eggs out from the ovary of the female and fertilizing it with the sperm in an IVF center, and implanting it back in the uterus after 4-5 days when the fertilization has taken place.

The success of IVF treatment mainly depends on what you do and don’t do. Here are the five common IVF mistakes that you should avoid committing during the IVF procedure.

  1. Having unrealistic expectations from IVF – Before taking IVF treatment, you and your partner should be emotionally and physically ready for the treatment. Taking IVF doesn’t mean that you will get a 100% success rate. Even at the best IVF clinic in Bangalore, the likelihood of getting pregnant is 30-50%. So, when you keep your expectations low, you can avoid unnecessary stress. Stress is harmful to the outcome of your IVF treatment. Stress causes your body to release free radicals, which negatively impacts your chances of getting pregnant.
  2. Trusting the Internet more than your doctor – the Internet can only give you preliminary information, but it doesn’t have the knowledge that your doctor does. Just because Google says that the success rate of IVF is 70% doesn’t make it so. The success of IVF treatment varies from person to person, and it depends on a variety of factors. Internet may tell you that you should wait for a year before booking a consultation with your gynecologist as only your doctor can guide you when you should start taking the treatment.
  3. Avoiding your doctor’s advice – Trusting your doctor is the most basic thing that you must do to get the desired outcome. Every doctor wants the best for his patient, so you shouldn’t always doubt the judgment of your doctor. You should remember that if you follow your doctor’s instructions properly, you may get the pleasure of being pregnant.
  4. Bed rest after the procedure – Bed rest is only recommended for 15-20 minutes after the embryo is transferred. Most people think that when you have an IVF pregnancy, you should take bed rest, but there is no need for the same. Taking complete bed rest may negatively impact your IVF cycles. You may not be able to sleep well and gain unnecessary weight, which may affect the outcome of IVF treatment.
  5. Avoiding going to an experienced IVF expert – The qualification and experience of your doctor matter when it comes to IVF. You should always check the qualification of your doctor before making any appointments. In addition, you should also find IVF treatment costs in IVF clinic Bangalore to avoid any surprises in the end.

IVF needs patience, so you should prepare yourself accordingly. Be positive and organized to get the best results from it. Make sure to follow all the above-given tips to prevent any chance of committing mistakes. No matter what the outcome is, you should enjoy the process in a stress-free manner.

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