911 calls are almost 240 million each year, about 600,000 calls a day. Dispatch workers spend at least 12 hours a day on their seats, answering these calls and helping people out. With such long hours and so many people to help, it makes sense to look for the perfect dispatch console. So, how do you select a console that's right for your staff?

Identify your need

Replacing your dispatch console is nothing new, especially when it no longer serves your needs. If you move out to a new location, buying new dispatch furniture is inevitable. Secondly, your consoles may be outdated with features that no longer make your work easier and better. This kind of IT upgrade is crucial for you and your workers. Lastly, if your warranty expires soon, it's time to replace your consoles.

Look for a reputable manufacturer.

Working with a reliablemanufacturer has several advantages. The first and most evident factor is the availability of high-quality dispatch furniture. It makes the purchasing process easy as a manufacturer can help you leverage price and maintain service continuity. Manufacturers can even act as a vendor. A good dispatch furniture manufacturer also helps with the regular maintenance and service.

Consider the work zones.

Different people will be working in your dispatch office, so you must consider all work zones as you purchase the furniture. For instance, you may have a reception area, meeting room, storage, mailroom, and impromptu meeting areas. All these need different types of furniture so keep that in mind when purchasing. Think about the space you are working with as well. Small offices won't have different seating arrangements. The meeting room may end up doubling up as the debriefing room.

Work station management

911 calls are often high intensity and need a workstation to match. Consult your dispatch furniture manufacturer to find the best workstation design. For instance, make sure your consoles are adjustable to fit everyone's needs. Most people use 12" height adjustment to their surfaces and chairs to keep employees working at ease. 

Your employees will also be working with multiple monitors and screens to perform their duties. You must position the screen properly, ensure enough storage space, and that cables are out of the way. Lastly, ensure the lighting is right, so it protects their eyes and creates the perfect work environment.

Dispatch furniture warranty

Most console manufacturers give 10 years to 20 years dispatch furniture warranty. Be sure to ask when the warranty starts and when it will expire. Some start after installation, while others start once the furniture is shipped. Ask who to contact when you need repairs. Find out what the dispatch furniture manufacturer will do when something fails. Will they replace it or repair it? Will they give you your money back? Lastly, ensure you know all the parts covered in the warranty.

Buying dispatch furniture may seem complicated. Luckily, you now know what to watch out for when purchasing the right console.