Children's bubble machine toys, including Hand-Held Bubble Wand, automatic bubble guns, etc., are one of the more popular toys for children. Foaming water is mainly composed of water, surfactant, synergist, foam lasting agent, and preservative.


However, at present, my country has not yet formulated national standards, industry standards, or safety technical specifications for bubble water toy products. Only the general toy standard is adopted for the toy itself, and the performance of bubble water toys and the limit of toxic and harmful ingredients are not specified.


Today, I will introduce some issues that parents need to pay attention to when purchasing a bubble machine.


  1. Check the product logo of toy bubble water. Generally, it includes the product quality inspection certificate, the Chinese name of the product, the name and address of the manufacturer, the CCC logo, the product standard implemented, the applicable age, and the attention warning signs or Chinese warning instructions.


  1. Check the size of fasteners and splice teeth. If there are parts that can be pulled out, use your thumb to help measure. If the part is too small, it is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


  1. When purchasing, you can take it apart or smell it close to the package to determine whether there is a pungent odor. If there is a heavier pungent smell, try to avoid buying it.


  1. There is no technical support for the related standards or specifications of toy bubble water. Therefore, after purchase, parents should supervise their children to avoid direct contact with the skin of the bubble liquid.


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