There are two types of chenille fabrics. One is an ornament made of cotton and synthetic fibers that appears in curtains and upholstery. The other is for practical purposes such as baby products, gowns, and towels, which are 100% cotton.

    The fluffy texture of the chenille makes it very soft to the touch. Manufacturers achieve thickness by wrapping short lengths of yarn between the two main yarns.

    The result is a fabric with an iridescent look that makes your furniture look more comfortable. Although called "poor man's velvet" for its velvety appearance, chenille brings elegance to your home.

    Another feature of chenille fabric is its warmth retention. Its insulating properties make the material suitable for quilts and blankets.

    Today, manufacturers make chenille by taking short yarns between two core-spun yarns. They twisted the pieces together for a stacking effect. The edges of the yarn should be at right angles to the core for a super soft texture.

    Low-melting nylon is an important part of chenille fabrics. It helps keep patches from falling apart. They steam the yarn to stabilize the style and prepare it for weaving. Chenille has no iridescent fibers but has a glowing effect at different angles.

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