Refractory Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers In Coimbatore adopts a three-dimensional network structure and uses organic foam with connected pores as a carrier to invade the thixotropic alumina material slurry.

The full-automatic extrusion process with square correction of the center distance is adopted to make the slurry evenly spread on the foam skeleton of the carrier.

After drying and curing, it is baked at a high temperature of 1180°C. Installed in the CFF filter box, used to filter impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid.

At present, the ceramic filter plate technology cannot remove 100% of the inclusions in the molten aluminum.

Of course, this is not necessary. If all the inclusions in the molten aluminum are filtered out, the effective nucleation during the solidification of the molten aluminum will be reduced, thereby affecting the solidification time and the structure after solidification.

Refractory Ceramic foam filters are basically divided into 6 pore sizes: 10PPI, 15PPI, 20PPI, 25PPI, 30PPI, and 40PPI. The larger the number, the smaller the aperture. But in actual practice, the four types of 10PPI 20PPI 30PP 40PPI can meet the needs of customers.

Refractory Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers In Coimbatore

Aperture selection

1. The casting: 10~25ppi

2. Semi-continuous casting: 30~60ppi

3. High-quality aluminum or sheet: 50~60ppi

4. Continuous casting and rolling: 50~60p

The main raw materials of the slurry should have a certain degree of hydrophilicity to ensure that the slurry forms a uniform glue suspension. If the hydrophilicity is poor, the solids in the mud will easily precipitate and stay in the foam during the soaking process, resulting in dead holes and increased brittleness of the filter plate.

Good mud feels smooth, fine, and uniform, and will not produce precipitation after long-term storage.

The composition of the mud and the specifications of the raw materials have a decisive influence on the performance of the mud.

Even if the specifications of the same raw material are slightly different, the deformation resistance, compressive strength and surface brittleness of the final product will be very different.

AdTech is a professional manufacturer of ceramic foam filters. The ceramic foam filter adopts the principle of adsorption to filter.

It can effectively remove large-size inclusions in molten aluminum and can effectively adsorb small-size inclusions. The effect of reducing aluminum slag pollution is not obvious.

Good thermal shock resistance improves the corrosion resistance to molten metal. Automatic production line, accurate size, more suitable for CFF filter box.

The use of Refractory Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers In Coimbatore is an important use for molten aluminum filtration. In addition to the actual production requirements for the quality of aluminum products, the flow rate of aluminum in the washing tank, the total amount of filtration, the cleanliness of the aluminum itself, and the production cost must also be considered. Choosing high-specification foam ceramic filter plates will increase production costs and reduce production efficiency.