After trying a variety of methods, we've stumbled upon one that worked , and was able to clear our frozen MyCAREER save NBA 2K23 MT. It seems that this issue is due to the clothes that your MyPLAYER wears and the freeze is just before the pre-game fashion walk triggers. Shop now: Officially licensed NBA Apparel & Gear at the NBA Store. This issue has been reported to players working on Palace Intrigue and Courting Calloway quests in The City, so it's not known which is the source of the issue. 

There are a couple of inventory items such as those seen in the image below. They include plus signs to indicate some kind of brand bonus, but are without the icon. Additionally, certain items linked to previous quests could have caused this. Before trying to play the next NBA basketball game we removed these items: We're not sure what caused the issue, but it seems that the Calloway's Court items seem most likely, as they'd only recently been received. 

In any case, if you're encountering this issue engaged in Courting Calloway or Palace Intrigue quests, we'd suggest taking all of them off and restarting the game to examine if it will fix the bug. For us, these changes have prevented the freeze from happening and allowed the MyCAREER saves to continue playing without issue. 2K hopes to release an update within the next few days with a more permanent fix and hopefully this workaround will prevent the problem until then. 

NBA 2K23's MyCAREER isn't complete without The Neighborhood and, this year will be available for Current Gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch), The Neighborhood will be aboard The G. O. A. T. Boat. The luxurious cruise ship comes with more courts and exciting new adventures as did earlier in the time's Cancha del Mar. 

The G. O. A. T. Boat will be MyPLAYER's headquarters for the coming twelve months when NBA 2K23 comes out in just a few days. The G. O. A. T. Boat is the larger version to the Cancha Del Mar, which features a brand new layout that focuses on accessibility along with style and flair Buy 2K MT. There are some similarities similar to the decking system as well as the Promenade that will assist players get around The G. O. A. T. Boat efficiently without spending too much time getting lost and confused.