To say that the domestic profitable industry, beverages are definitely the choice. It is evident from Zong Qing’s post as the richest man in China. In recent years, the quality of the beverage market has been continuously enriched: carbonated beverages, drinking water, juice drinks, tea drinks, milk-containing beverages, functional beverages, etc. have shown a trend of blooming.

    Different beverages have different Pet Preform Mould packages. The carbonated beverage market is dominated by the Coca-Cola family, and the packaging is in PET bottles, glass bottles and cans. The juice and tea beverage market has developed rapidly in recent years, and the competition is fierce. The juice and tea beverage bottles are mainly PET bottles, mainly in round and square outer packaging. Milk-containing beverages come in a variety of packaging styles, including PET bottles. There are traditional glass bottles, as well as emerging packaging cartons. Functional beverages are represented by Red Bull, which is mainly based on iron cans and cans.

   Throughout the beverage packaging has a variety of forms, but it can be seen that pet preform packaging is the most mainstream and popular in the beverage market. The Pet Preforms are flexible in packaging and can meet the needs of cold filling and hot filling of beverages, and are also advantageous in terms of cost and transportation.