Firefox is among the internet browsers on the planet, and this program has existed for ages. Firefox is famous as one of the top plugins for Windows platform, but sadly, it appears that Windows 10 users have particular problems with Firefox on Windows 10.

Firefox issues to be fixed by solutions on Windows 10

Firefox issues could be debatable, and keep you from utilizing your own browser. In terms of problems, we have compiled a list of common Issues That users reported with Firefox:

Firefox will not start -- This problem can occur if there is an issue with your Firefox profile. To repair it, just recreate the profile and check if this solves your problem.
Firefox too slow, with a lot of RAM -- Top RAM use can happen because of your extensions, so make sure you disable all extensions which you don't desire and check if this helps.

Firefox high CPU use -- Occasionally high CPU use can seem and cause difficulties with Firefox. This is sometimes a result of your antivirus, so make certain to disable it temporarily.

Firefox keeps crashing, freezing, maybe not reacting -- Occasionally your configuration may cause difficulties with Firefox. But you can correct that issue by simply launching Firefox in Safe Mode.

Option 1 -- Assess your antivirus
If you are experiencing Firefox problems on your computer, the problem may be your own antivirus software. Many users reported that HTTPS Scanning attribute in Avast caused problems with Firefox, but you can fix This Issue by performing the following:

Open Avast from and select Settings at the bottom left corner.
Pick Components > Internet Shield.
Click the Customize button.
Uncheck Enable HTTPS Scanning choice and save changes.
If you are using another antivirus program, then you may want to try using this or other comparable characteristics inside. If that does not work, the following step is to fully disable your anti-virus software.

Many users reported that this was not successful, and in accordance with them, they were able to repair the matter by eliminating their anti-virus altogether. If eliminating the antivirus solves your issue, you need to think about changing to a different anti-virus solution.

Bitdefender provides excellent protection and a fantastic optimization, therefore it will not interfere with any of your own applications. Additionally, it has a massive signature foundation and exceptional characteristics that will block the most recent cyber-threats. If you're searching for a new antivirus, you really must give it a try.

Option 2 -- Customize problematic add-onsYou may improve the performance of Firefox with assorted add-ons, but in a few instances, fresh add-ons may cause Firefox to crash Windows 10. According to some consumers, the add-on which caused the wreck to get these was FlashGet, however, keep in mind that any add-on could cause Firefox to crash, so you may need to disable or eliminate certain add-ons so as to repair this matter. To disable a Specific add on in Firefox, follow these steps:

Open Firefox and click on the Menu button at the top right corner.
Pick Add-ons in the listing.
Click on the Extensions tab on your left side. A list of extensions must start.
Now disable extensions by clicking on the Disable button.
Restart Firefox and assess whether the matter is solved.
If the issue is repaired, you can try allowing extensions one by one until you find the one which is causing you troubles.
If you can not open Firefox whatsoever, it is almost always a fantastic idea to run it in Safe Mode. To access Safe Mode do the following:

Press that the Start button, then click on the Power button, press and hold Shift on your computer and choose the Restart alternative.
When your computer restarts, select Troubleshoot > Advanced choices > Startup Settings and click on the Restart button.
After your computer restarts again media F5 to select Safe Mode with Networking.
Once Safe Mode begins, consider disabling any extensions from Firefox by following the steps above.
If Firefox functions generally in Safe Mode, the matter is likely due to some third-party app which you've installed, which means you're going to need to discover the problematic app and disable it so as to repair this issue.

Option 3 -- Start Firefox in Safe Mode
If you are having Firefox problems on your computer, there are times when you could have the ability to fix them by simply beginning Firefox in Safe Mode. Firefox Safe Mode works with default extensions and settings, making it ideal for troubleshooting issues.

To begin Firefox in Safe Mode, simply do the following:

Find the Firefox shortcut onto your desktop computer, hold the Alter key and double-click it.
Once the dialogue box appears, click Start in the Safe Mode button.
After doing this, Firefox should start in Safe Mode. If the problem does not appear in Safe Mode, it is likely that one of your extensions or preferences are causing this matter.

Option 4 -- Reinstall Firefox
If Firefox problems are interfering with your job, maybe you should try reinstalling Firefox. Occasionally your setup can get corrupted, and that could cause different difficulties. But you can correct that issue, by simply reinstalling Firefox.

There are lots of techniques which you may use to reinstall Firefox, however, the best one is to utilize uninstaller software. In the event you don't understand, uninstaller applications like IOBit Uninstaller will totally get rid of any program from the PC.

Additionally, this program will even remove all files and registry entries related to the program that you need to eliminate ensuring these files do not interfere with your system. This can be a tool that you need in your PC particularly if you frequently install and install different applications.

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As soon as you eliminate Firefox, install it and check whether the issue is still there.

Option 5 -- Clear your cache
According to customers, occasionally Firefox problems can happen on account of your cache, and also the ideal method to manage them is to just clean your cache. This Is Quite easy to perform, and you may certainly do it by following these steps:

Click on the Menu button at the top right corner. Pick Library > Background > Clear Recent History.
When Clear All Background window opens, place the Time range to clear to Everything. Expand assess everything and the details section like on our screenshot. Click the Clear Today button.
The background ought to be eliminated after doing this and the issue will be solved.

Option 6 -- Refresh Firefox
Occasionally Firefox problems can happen because of your settings, and also the quickest way to mend them would be to refresh Firefox. In so doing, you are going to get rid of all of the extensions and reset all preferences, so bear this in mind. To reset Firefox do the following:

Open Firefox.
In the address bar enter around: service and click on Refresh Firefox button.
follow the instructions on the display to refresh Firefox.
Once you are done, the Firefox ought to be restored to the default option and the issue will be permanently solved.

Option 7 -- Eliminate your Firefox profile
According to customers, there are times when you might experience Firefox problems because your profile is corrupt. To repair the issue, you have to remove your profile. You can do this by following these steps:

Close Firefox.
Currently, press Windows Key + R and input firefox.exe -de. Press Input or click on OK.
A list of profiles that are available will look. Select your profile, it will most likely be tagged as default and click on the Publish Profile button.
Now decide on the desired choice. If you would like to completely eliminate your profile, then click on the Publish Document button.
After doing this, your profile ought to be eliminated, and a new one will be generated as soon as you start Firefox. You might even make a new profile in the dialogue box. To do so, follow these steps:

Click on the Produce Profile button.
Click Next.
Enter the name to your profile and then click on the End button.
Now you simply need to choose the new profile and then click on the Start Firefox button.

After creating a new user profile, then the problem ought to be wholly solved. Remember that this technique will eliminate your background, bookmarks, and passwords that are stored, so make sure you back them up ahead.

Option 8 -- Consider using Beta or Nightly version
In the event the Firefox problems are still current, you could have the ability to fix them by simply switching into the Beta or the Nightly edition of Firefox. To do so, you merely have to remove Firefox from the PC and install the Beta version.

The Beta version has the most recent updates, but because this version is not fully analyzed, some new problems might seem. On the flip side, the Nightly variant provides the hottest upgrades, after they're implemented, but because these upgrades are not fully analyzed, it is possible that some problems might happen.

Obviously, you can always temporarily change to another browser like Edge or Chrome till you figure out how to resolve Firefox problems on your computer.

Firefox problems on Windows 10 may cause many difficulties, and typically these issues are brought on by a third party program or even a Firefox extension. To be able to fix Firefox problems, you simply need to uninstall or disable the debatable app/extension. Any Problems Then You can Contact us Mozilla Firefox support phone number.