This article is designed to help you add extra durability to your label sheets after they've been printed. While these tips may increase your labels' resistance to moisture, contact, or submersion, they work best with film-based labels. Learn more about paper vs film label materials. We cover choosing a good base material below, as well as several proven waterproofing tips.

If you're starting with a paper-based label, please note that these tips will not make your labels waterproof – they will only help waterproof your printed design.
Choose A Waterproof Cup Seal Labels
We're proud to offer a full line of waterproof/weatherproof labels for inkjet and laser printers. They are capable of withstanding moisture-rich environments, heavy-handling, and more.

Having said that, we understand there are conditions and applications that may require additional efforts. Before we cover those situations and possible add-on solutions, it's important to start with a strong base. Listed below are our waterproof cup seal labels options separated by printer type.

Waterproof Labels for Inkjet Printers
Our weatherproof materials for inkjet printers both feature bright white facesheets perfect for creating vibrant, colorful designs. They function the same, but differ in their facesheet characteristics. One material has a matte coating whereas the other has a glossy coating.