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The cost involved in setting up a new online or offline business is quite high because it is a fact. Considering the cost, Onlive Server is offering the best web hosting server plan at very cheapest prices. Before you set up your online store, let us know that we have come with a very high-speed server hosting plan. Fortunately, with the rise of open-source software and competitive web hosting pricing, it is now possible to start an online business without spending much money. This article will guide you through the need to set up your new online shop or business website in the most budget-friendly way to launch your online business. Onlive Server Hosting Provider will provide all information about servers.

Select a Trusted Web Hosting Provider

In the past few years, Onlive Server has greatly reduced the price of web hosting plans, and we come across a reliable selection and is incredibly important. We are an excellent Hosting Provider in approximate 36 countries and comes to provide Virtual Private Server, Cheap Web Cloud Server, Dedicated Server Hosting, Operating System based Hosting, Shared Hosting Plans, etc. Onlive Server is Hosting Provider in India, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, and many more countries.

There are some factors you should pay attention to:


When setting things up, it is the most important thing to keep charges to a minimum for your online business. The good news is for all new users and old users that this is easily achieved with our every web hosting. 

Our server hosting plans will host your business to provide a high speed to sell your product and services. Your space on our server will stable if you choose our servers and us. This has no downsides such as higher performance and our plan is budget-friendly for businesses.


Your chosen web host must be reliable, so you can fulfill your business-related expectations by choosing us and our servers. This means that you should be aware that you have to choose reliable as well as the well-reputed company that offers server hosting plans in this industry. So, Onlive Server is offering the best server hosting plans from 2008 and still, we are offering best to best web hosting plans without any troubles. We tend to higher performance and free live support to clients. For high performance, we ensure that if you choose our Cheap VPS Hosting Server Solution then it run and perform outstandingly. 

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Are you looking for a good support-based company? Choose Onlive Server. For support, if you choose Dedicated Server or VPS Server Hosting, these servers will not give you any troubles. If in future, you will face some troubles related to server then when you will get the support instantly from our well-experienced team. Our technical support providers have the richest experience in the support field. They will understand your troubles and will solve them quickly. We are hosting the firm and provide multiple resources in every server plan. Our team will fix your problem by providing live support. 


As your online store grows, so your web hosting will fill your all business-based requirements. When searching for web hosting providers, you should take a look at the high upgrade options that you can get in your package if you with our server continuously. 

Don't forget backup & security

Yeah, this is the main thinkable factor that you have to don’t forget about securing your website with an SSL certificate. And, SSL or DDoS protection you can install on your server. With us, you will feel that your business is locked out using our web hosting plans. If you want, contact us.