Today Mirror Acrylic teaches you how to clean Acrylic Aquarium:

Step 1: Scrub the aquarium

The scrubbing drum is divided into the outside of the scrubbing drum and the inside of the scrubbing drum. Let's talk about wiping the outside first. Generally we use alcohol or newspapers. Just a glass of water. Friends who have experienced glass cleaning know that when these things match the washing tank, the fish tank will be particularly bright. It can reflect light like a mirror. However, it is also important to note that if it is a solid wood packaging suggestion, let a professional tell you how to wipe solid wood for free.

There is no need to use sharp tools, such as steel balls, which must not be rubbed on the glass. The glass is easily injured. When that happens, it will be embarrassing to be vague.

Then wipe the outside. Scrub the inside again. It is more difficult to scrub the inside than the outside. Magnetic brushes can be used for simple cleaning. At present, there are still many fish friends using this kind of thing. The seller will tell you how thick the glass is and how magnetic the brush is. Algae can be removed. But what is not perfect is that it is a bit difficult to brush the oil film with a magnetic brush. You must start to organize it.

Step 2: Change the water

is used for daily water change and maintenance. We don’t need to change the water frequently and proportionally like fish.

As long as we are free. Change the fish tank slightly to one third or one quarter. The main effect is to improve water quality, because water is easy to acidify for a long time. Therefore, it is appropriate to change it within a few months. This is also a routine maintenance operation.

Step 3: Cleaning the filter cotton and fish toilet.

This is mainly physical filtration to sort out fish feces. Remember to use clean water instead of detergent, washing powder and other chemicals. Because the fish can't stand it.

As for how often the filter cotton is washed, it depends on how much it is fed. Hello, wash every three and two days. It can be washed every ten and a half days.

There are several kinds of fish cabinets, in the fish tank and the bottom filter tube. There are a few more. In short, it is filled with fish dung, and when it is filled with more, the fish dung will be poured out. Therefore, it is necessary to check it every few days.

Step 4: Wire inspection.

Because the fish tank has been used for a long time. The wires will age. Therefore, we must pay attention to the relatively power-consuming things in the fish tank, especially the heating rod. The quality of the heating rod is relatively poor, and it takes about two years. It is necessary to observe the aging of the wires of the heating rod and whether the heating rod will burst to cook the fish.

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