The production of copper acetate has the characteristics of flammability, explosion, poisoning, high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. Therefore, it is more dangerous than other industrial sectors. The reason why copper acetate production is a high accident industry is because copper acetate production has the following characteristics:
1, raw materials are mostly dangerous chemicals
A wide variety of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are used in the production of copper acetate, most of which are flammable, explosive, poisonous and corrosive dangerous chemicals. This puts special requirements on the storage and transportation of these raw materials, fuels, intermediate products and finished products that supply copper acetate companies.
2, harsh process conditions required for copper acetate production
Some chemical reactions are performed under high temperature and high pressure, and some are performed under low temperature and high vacuum. For example, in the production process of cracking light diesel oil to produce ethylene and then producing copper acetate, the cracking temperature of light diesel oil in a cracking furnace is 800 ° C; the cracked gas should be separated under cryogenic (-96 ° C) conditions; the purity is 99.99% The ethylene gas was polymerized under a pressure of 294 kPa to prepare a copper acetate resin.
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