Countermeasures of Sheet Metal Parts Showing Outward Opening Shape

1, when bending to ensure the minimum bending height h (h ≥ r 2t material thickness r bending radius);

  1. Change the shape of the processed parts and remove the part less than the minimum bending height without affecting the use.

The holes of the Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box near the bending line are easy to deform

  1. when designing bending parts, ensure that the margin x from the bending part to the hole is greater than a certain value x ≥ (1.5-2.0) t t to bend the sheet thickness;
  2. An auxiliary hole is designed at the bending part to absorb bending deformation stress, which can prevent the hole near the bending line from deforming. Generally, the plan of bending first and punching later is adopted.