Running a business is not the easiest thing to do, especially when alongside the enormous pressure of enumerating the profit and loss you have to constantly pester your legal team to draft a brand new contract for each of your vendors. Looking for a permanent solution? Well, the wait is over because we present to you the CoveragePoint which understands your need for a Contract Management System that not only monitors the contract management lifecycle but also takes care of its requests, reviews, approvals, renewals and what not! Their contact management software SharePoint, built on Microsoft Sharepoint and now also available on Office 365, Sharepoint online, Microsoft SharePoint 2019, 2016 and 2013, generates a full-fledged contract solution ensuring that your legal team no longer has to worry about deadlines, contract expiration and renewal dates, version controls, contractual obligations and amendments thereby serving as a Contract Tracking Software as well. Furthermore, through their software, you can also rapidly access any piece of information that is pertinent to the business without spending hours looking for it.

Both the software, SharePoint and Office 365 contract management walk your contact managers through the whole contract management process making them extremely user-friendly while the business teams and counsels are able to keep a track of the growth and status from their unique feature called the real-time dashboard. Since their software are so capable and high end they have reserved a separate IT team to assist the user by introducing and acquainting them with the software’s multiple features and tools and so regardless of how experienced or inexperienced the user is their employee training software along with their health and safety software ensures that all your employees are fully aware and updated with the company’s policies, standards, certifications and are working in an environment where they can do their jobs safely.

With the introduction of their Incident management software, the entire contract process is online and very secure where only the user will have the access and the permission to make changes hence rendering the whole process safe and mitigating any risk involved.

The different aspects of this contract tracking software also include Contract request management, search and reports, document storage, Negotiate, E-signature integration, Obligation management, and Renewal Management. The plethora of features that they are offering coupled with their intuitive software CoveragePoint is willing to ensure that you never miss out on a business opportunity again.