In our daily life and industry, the materials used to fix objects mainly refer to countersunk bracket bolts.  After a long period of use, some dust or oil stains and other substances will inevitably be adsorbed on the countersunk bracket bolts, which will easily cause corrosion if not treated for a long time. The daily cleaning work is particularly important, but do you really know the correct method for cleaning the countersunk bracket bolts?  Next, follow Haiyan Yihui Bolt Factory to have a detailed understanding.

  1. Pollution during rinsing

After quenching, it is washed with silicate cleaning agent, then rinsed, and solid substance appears on the surface. The substance is analyzed by infrared spectrometer, which proves to be inorganic silicate and iron oxide.  This is due to incomplete rinsing and silicate residue on the surface.

  1. unreasonable stacking

There are signs of color change after tempering. Soak it to make it volatilize and find the remaining oily residue, which is a high content of lipid.  It shows that the cleaning agent and quenching oil were contaminated during the rinsing period and melted at the heat treatment temperature, leaving chemical burn scars. Such substances proved that the surface was not clean.  The analysis by infrared spectrometer is a mixture of base oil and ether in quenching oil.  Ether may come from additives of quenching oil.  The analysis results of quenching oil in the mesh belt furnace confirm that there is slight oxidation in the quenching oil due to unreasonable stacking during heating, but it is almost negligible. This phenomenon is related to the cleaning process, not the problem of quenching oil.

The above two situations are the impacts that we will bring if we do not adopt the correct method of cleaning countersunk bracket bolts, because the purpose of our cleaning work is to ensure the surface of the product is clean and does not affect its use.  However, if the cleaning method is not correct, it will not only fail to have any beneficial effect on the Countersunk Carriage Bolt, but also damage the product itself, which will do more harm than good.