Made of lightweight and foamed PVC, 4x8 pvc foam board is moisture and corrosion resistant. It is absolutely lightweight. It is also resistant to chemicals. The overall thickness of the material will range from 6 mm to 45mm. It is feasible to engrave, emboss, paint, print, laminate and mill the surface of the foam board according to your requirements. One of the most highlighting features of this foam board is that they will not decay with time and the color remains in the same new look for a long time without fading.

PVC foam board supplier companies provide it for all types of construction applications be it indoor or outdoor owing to its high usability. It has been a good replacement for wood which tends to have all weather effects and is likely to corrode in a few years.

Since the hidden fasteners need to be installed prior to attaching the boards, building the deck will be a time-consuming activity. Well, at least compared to decks that use standard screws which can be easily fastened by driving them in place with an automatic driller, that is. Let’s not forget that time is a sensitive issue for property owners and contractors alike, thus making the hidden fasteners a less optimal choice in cases when the project needs to meet a sharp deadline.

wpc foam board is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!