At present, there are many brands of aluminum composite panel on the market, with good and evil people mixed up and the quality of products varied. Because of its special structure, it is generally difficult for consumers to identify the internal quality of products. Therefore, Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers share the identification method of the lower aluminum composite panel:

1. See if the aluminum composite panel has a smooth surface, no ripples, blisters, shelter points and scratches.

2. Measure whether the aluminum composite panel meets the international requirements, with the inner wall panel 3mm and the outer wall panel 4 mm.

3. In one corner of the folded aluminum composite panel, it is not PE material or doping that is easy to fracture.

4. Burning the intermediate material of aluminum composite panel, the real PE material will burn completely, and there will be impurities after false burning.

5. When planing and bending, see if the front is broken.

6. Dropping butanone to identify fluorocarbon coating of exterior wall panel, dropping xylene to identify coating of interior wall panel, and wiping off reagent after 5 minutes to see if the bottom is exposed.

7. Ask for the manufacturer's quality inspection report, warranty, ISO-9002 international quality certification. The manufacturers who own these products are regular manufacturers, which can ensure the product quality, the same price to quality, and the same quality to price.

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