It was a excellent vid. Kept me on RS gold the edge of my chair. Put my management grind into perspective lmao.Right? Honestly one of my preferred Swampletics episodes in a while that is looooooong. The barrows saga was getting old and there were no real bets, the outcome was always going to be the same, even if it required Settled months (which it absolutely did). Even though it was worthless, Settled assembled the video in a way my anticipation when he had been performing the last pair of clues was mad.

A bit teared up. Jesus christ, I can't believe I just admitted on the internet a Runescape movie made me shout yeah, that happened.Yeah, it'd have any useful gains, you are right. I forgot about your disclaimer also, thanks for emphasizing that.I guess I just got caught up in 37 times for elegant trousers I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did.I'm also just now viewing your comment about not going beyond 9 hours without a second clue, my mental picture was much worse when I left that remark.

Meaningful or not, when that casket popped up on the screen I actually cheered. Pleasant and congratulations work. Can't wait to see you tackle the Theatre. You have come a long way.I would not state zero purpose, he did catch his melee stats up a bit.I get it does not seem like a lot at this stage which is fair but there's not all that much left pre-ToB. Yeah, this felt as a fantastic excuse to get melees a bit more, and put together a (imo) very engaging video.

I'm wondering just how much he even needs because of his pre-finale movie, is there a chance he arranges it ? No longer waiting a month involving episodes?I'd feel as it's probably a week or 2 bc I'd imagine all that's left at this stage is building a team.Well he needed backup bolt tips and more melee stats help + having the ability to make his own supercompost is nothing. Progress at this stage requires to obtain an inch he wants all the inches he can get to receive down the theater. I really don't believe it was nothing.Agreed. But instead,"should I?"

However, I mean this whole series should never have been something. The entire purpose is for this to be totally ridiculous.I don't think I would advocate doing so either, but it's definitely in accordance with the whole idea behind swampletics to start with.It's something that you have to be quite a specific kind of person for it to work. Many folks would drive themselves angry, but swampman is just that type of person who can perform it.It was a great deal more entertaining content compared to almost all of the Barrows videos. There were ups and downs and even if the casket was meaningless that the video did a excellent job at getting me spent anyways. Besides Settled clarified in the movie well enough that a) he was getting other things done on the accounts at precisely the exact same time and b) it was about reaching it and the journey than the cheap RuneScape gold reward. And imo it adds another bit of prestige.