The appearance of Color Coated Aluminum Coil is still important, but when defects appear, what causes them?

1. Incorrect roll shape for folding (folding) of color coated aluminum coil, such as heating of calender bearing;

2. Bubbles on the surface of the aluminum ingot, and there is a dirty east at the scraggy on the surface of the ingot;

3. The heating time of color coated aluminum coil is too long or the temperature is too high, and the surface of casting block is oxidized;

4. The two ends of the roll of color coated aluminum coil swell, resulting in thick middle and thin both sides of the extruded plate. When the thin plate is fed incorrectly during calendering, it is easy to produce folding, resulting in a large difference in thickness between the two sides of color coated aluminum coil;

5. Cracking from the end of the aluminum ingot; Heating temperature of aluminum ingot is too high or too low. There is a certain error between the actual temperature and the apparent temperature.

6. In the international market, the interval of color coated aluminum coil should be larger. When the pipe material is assembled with small material and sheet material, the heat preservation time should be appropriate to prevent the hardness from being insufficient due to too long or too short time;

7. Too thick color coated aluminum coil is not easy to bend, so you can understand it when you think about it. Try to use thinner one. If the process allows, it is best to bend and then stretch, otherwise it will increase the probability of bending fracture.

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